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Growing in Colorado since 2013.

From the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, we’ve been expanding our scale and creating unique standards of operations for vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises in the cannabis marketplace. Today, we continue to blaze a path in multiple states, expanding and growing our operations in our home State of Colorado, as well as, acquiring assets in multiple states throughout the nation.

North Star Holdings is a rapidly growing U.S.-based, vertically integrated, multi-state, enterprise-level cannabis operator in states where medical and/or adult-use cannabis is legal. Through our TweedLeaf brands we operate a number of medical and adult-use dispensaries throughout Colorado.  To supply our dispensaries, via our chain of cultivation companies, we own thousands of feet of cultivation and manufacturing facilities that produce cannabis flower, concentrate, and oils that serve our patients and customers.


Inviting Potential Investors In Medical Cannabis

When you’re exploring different investment opportunities, and are an accredited investor, who may be interested in jumping on board with a rapidly growing company, we are currently in the process of raising a private-equity round that will be used to expand our operations in preparation for a public offering or acquisition. Please visit or email us at – we’ll be happy to setup a call and chat how we can work together to bring North Star to the next level and beyond.

We’re following a proven formula executed by a cannabis company industry cohort.

If you’re familiar with Gage Cannabis Company (, they recently just sold for over $500M to Terrascend by focusing on one state, Michigan. We are using the same growth and expansion strategy and are focusing on the following states:

  1. Colorado – Currently operating 12 licenses in 9 locations. Expanding to 16+ dispensaries by the end of 2021. Currently have target acquisitions of an additional 10.
    1. We have arranged funding for $15M to acquire 6 dispensaries in the next 90-days.
    2. We will be opening a brand new location in Colorado Springs on October 2021.
    3. We have term sheets for acquisitions of additional locations being completed in the next 60-days for multiple dispensaries in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  2. Nevada – Expanding to the emerging Lounge Market (up to 60 licenses to be issued throughout the State) with the purchase of an existing company that is currently selling edibles, oil, cartridge, vapes, and concentrate lines to all Nevada dispensaries.
  3. New Mexico – Currently applying for dispensary and manufacturing licenses.
    We have a very unique and proven strategy of taking over and adding cannabis assets to our enterprise which has been consistently adding revenue to our bottom-line, which we hope to increase to over $100M per year in the near future. Our goal is to consolidate as much of the existing Colorado market and enter the Nevada and New Mexico limited markets, bringing our extraction and chemical engineering background and experience into those markets.

If you’re interested in discussing or learning more about our enterprise and speaking to us about how you can be a part of our growing enterprise, please visit or email us at we’ll be happy to setup a call and chat how we can work together to bring North Star to the next level and beyond.

Vertically Integrated

North Star Holdings currently has multiple dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and labs in Colorado, Las Vegas, California, and other States.

research & ip

Biotechnology research, IP patents, and cannabis management systems development.


housands of square feet of indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation locations in multiple states.


Multiple locations that are medical, retail, or dual licensed in Colorado, Southern California, and other States.


Manufacturing craft oil used for cartridges, pens, concentrates, edibles, and topicls.

North Star Holdings

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Phone: +1 801.946.2243